Temporary ban on cutting eucalyptus trees

Cutting eucalyptus tree in the Anchunadu valley, including Vattavada village, has been banned temporarily after it was noticed that farmers were reluctant in removing tree stumps that may result in the regrowth of the trees. District Collector H. Dinesan has issued the latest order.

The order allowing the farmers to cut trees in Anchunadu was issued recently with a view to extending the area of farming, as farmers widely cultivate eucalyptus that they consider more profitable and less labour-intensive.

According to Devikulam Subcollector S. Prem Krishnan, the government granted permission to cut down trees recently with a view to removing eucalyptus trees and using the land for farming. The order directed that tree stumps and roots should be destroyed. However, the farmers did not remove the tree stumps.

The Collector directed village officials not to issue new tree cutting passes in the region. New tree cutting passes would be issued only after verification, said Mr. Prem Krishnan.

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