Viral! Chiranjeevi The Batman meme

Robert Pattinson starrer The Batman  hit the silver screens on 1st March.  The movie- The Batman has crossed the $500 million mark worldwide. The Batman is  receiving lot of applause from fans across the world. The Batman, English version, earned Rs 30.08 Cr  in its first week. The box office figures in India stand at Rs 44 crore, for all languages. The movie is  co-written and directed by Matt Reeves.

The Batman, co starring Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, is also 1st movie in over a year that WB has released exclusively in theatres.  Ever since the movie was released DC fans have been digging deep to find any and every Batman content to check out and the latest finding is Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi Konidela, who is seen in Dark Knight suit and dancing to the tune of the song Vana Gadiyaramlo from  Telugu movie Mutha Mestri which was released in 1993.

Many memers from all around the world comment that I think I downloaded the wrong Batman movie as they shares the video clip from the album. Excited to see a moustached, Indian Batman dance away to glory.

Some foreigners mistakenly says that it’s a  Bollywood film, but mega fans were quick to point out that Chiranjeevi is still active in Tollywood and currently working for the movie Acharya.

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