Weavers’ body expresses solidarity with farmers

‘Issues raised by them affect us all’

Members of the National Federation of Handlooms and Handicrafts (NFHH) have expressed solidarity with the farmers protesting on Delhi border.

In a statement on Tuesday, federation leader M. Mohanrao said the issues raised by the agitating farmers did not pertain to the farmers alone but to the future of food security in the country, as the Public Distribution System and the food entitlements of the average citizen would be compromised for the benefit of a few corporates who would dominate the agrarian markets in all its aspects.

As the national body of the handloom weavers, the Cheneta Samakya felt it was its duty to extend support to the food-producers.

Mr. Mohanrao pointed out that after agriculture, it was the handloom sector which was the largest provider of employment in the country.

“The importance of a sector cannot be assessed merely in terms of the numbers pertaining to GDP. A proper understanding of an economy is possible only when we view it in terms of the livelihoods that different sectors provide.”

Call for united struggle

Calling for unity and combined struggles, the federation leader said in this historic task, the cooperation and solidarity of the farmers and weavers, two productive communities of the country, was the need of the hour.

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