Youngsters in Adilabad supplying food to needy

Everyday they cook more than 50 kg of rice along with soup or curry and pack it in over 500 boxes

Two groups of youth in Adilabad town have been reaching out to hundreds of migrant workers, people waiting in the railway station, daily wagers, each day and freely distributing food, water and buttermilk since the second lockdown was imposed early this month.

Lala Radheshyam Welfare Society president Lala Arjun said that they were supplying food packets consisting of vegetable pulao, zeera rice, masala rice, curd and pickle, to at least 500 people each day. The group with active participation of Nayan Agarwal, Prem Kummari, Kapurkar Akshay and Kannialal Tiwari, is also providing buttermilk and water packets to police personnel who were on streets enforcing lockdown in scorching heat.

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Arjun said that everyday they cook more than 50kg of rice along with soup or curry and pack it in over 500 boxes. “We are travelling on bikes and distributing the food to the needy. Our group is covering nearly 70 % of the town,” the 26-year-old youngster said.

The daily expenditure for the group is around ₹ 9,000 and initially they have mobilised funds from their members. “Now and then people are coming forward to share the expenditure by donating rice, dal, or money,” Mr. Arjun said, adding that they have hired a local cook.

Meanwhile, the Students Welfare Association Society led by Karingula Pranay has been reaching out to a large number of COVID-19 patients who are under home isolation.

“We are providing food to around 80 people each day and since May 7, we have supplied 1,725 food parcels,” he said.

This has created an atmosphere of positive responsiveness as the town is down with COVID infections and supply of food has become a casualty due to strict lockdown imposed.

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