Alex Davis’ Gulmohar reminder

The sculptor ensures his reaction to the lockdowns will bloom forever

This season, you’ll see his work alongside that of 269 other artists at the ongoing Lokame Tharavadu art show in Kerala’s Alappuzha. But sculptor Alex Davis has another pleasant surprise — the Gulmohar bloom. Wrought in colour-stained stainless steel under a protective coating, the lines of this sculpture belie the sturdiness of the medium. The 4ft flower “was a reaction to pandemic blues and the lockdown,” begins the Delhi-based artist.

Many know him as a pioneer in turning industrial steel sheets into sculptures. “The random orange-red of these seasonal flowers peppering the parks and rather empty roadsides were indeed a treat to one’s eyes as much as the soul! Trees laden with these flowers almost look like they are on fire. I have translated that exact mood into a different medium and scale to give it presence,” he continues.

Flora and fauna have been sources of inspiration for Davis who believes his work captures the essence of what he perceives as ‘India Modern’ in things around him. Nine of his works, which explore the idea of flora, are on show at ‘Merging Metamorphsis’ at Mumbai’s Tao Art Gallery. They are part of two series by him –‘My Lazy Garden’ and ‘Hyperblooms’ – and include orchids, the cactus and heliconia. Some of them tower over you at nine feet. And joining this collection are paintings by Rahul Inamdar.

“Their works have a common fluidity and movement that shows the transition. There is also a balanced divide in the display with Inamdar dominating the walls of the gallery and Davis occupying the physical space,” says curator/gallery owner Sanjana Shah. As for Davis, next up is a series on the Himalayas. “I am addicted to the Himalayas… it should be ready in 2022,” he concludes.

Gulmohar is priced ₹4,60,000 plus GST. The show ends January 9, 2022. @taoartgallery

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