‘Choo Choo into happily ever after’: Man proposes to train-driving girlfriend as she pulls into station. Watch

Proposing to your partner to commit to a lifetime of togetherness is by no means an easy task. It takes a lot of courage to say those magical words. On top of that, there is the whole aspect of proposing in a way that becomes memorable. You may have seen videos of the hat-ke ways where people pop the question. Now there is an inclusion to that list, a man proposing to his train-driving girlfriend as she pulls into a station in Dublin, Ireland.

The adorable moment was captured on camera by people both inside the driver’s cabin and on the platform. One such video was shared on the official Twitter account of Irish Railways while commenting on Twitter user Clodagh Maher’s post who shared another video of the event.

“Didn’t think anything could perk me up after a busy 13hr shift, and some Gent goes and PROPOSES to his GF driving the incoming train at Pearse station,” the user wrote in the caption.

“Congratulations to Paula, our DART driver and her fiancé Conor on their engagement – and here’s how Paula saw it unfold as she was driving a northbound DART into Pearse! Thanks to DART and Pearse Station teams for helping Conor to make it happen!” they wrote while sharing the clip.

The video, taken from inside the train, shows the carriage pulling into the station. As the train pulls closer, huge placards with words written on them become visible. Read together, they ask the driver if she’ll marry her partner. We won’t give away what happens when she gets down from the train, take a look at it yourself:

Bride-to-be Paula Carbó Zea also retweeted the video shared by Maher along with a note of thanks. “Thank you so much for sharing this moment. I was so surprised and at the same time excited. Thank you, everyone who was involved in making this moment beautiful and perfect,” she wrote.

Since being shared, the posts have gathered tons of comments. Here’s how people reacted to the entire incident.

What do you think of the event? Did it leave you amazed too?

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