Dear denim, let’s rekindle our love affair

Remember the 22nd of March when the lockdown brought in the official banishment of outdoor-wear? Many liberated feminists became bra-free with joy. Some couch bums are still living in their slumber – what I call the two-bodied (derived from two-faced) folks. Mainly because of their sharp shirts with ties on top paired with torn-at-seams smelly boxers underneath. While I ignore your un-pedicured feet, all I want to ask you is how did you manage to keep your weight in check with that slack and cloud-like clothing?

There’s another lot who felt otherwise. Weirdos like me. Whose first reaction on 22nd March was what am I gonna do with my full wardrobe now? I speak for those of us who shopped exciting pieces during the Jan-Feb sales, only to have them living in cobwebs.

This sartorial recession has left us forgetting our humble denims. And right now, I’m here to advocate them. Reason being – they don’t lie. They’re the first to tell you whether you’ve put on weight or lost it. Doesn’t mean you’ve to live in your hipster-like skinnies. May I present to you, the lockdown special slouchy denim? Or the WFH mascot, the wide legged denim? They’re airy, breathable, nipped at the right places and comfy at the right ones. As long as they’re 100% cotton, they’re skin-friendly.

Boys, pick up the straight-fit cropped ones, that just about sit at your waist for the virtual boardroom. Remember those days when you were in college and the waistline of your denims coincided with the end of your crotch? Here’s some throwback for your lazy evenings.

Denims are having a major retro moment these days. Fits are more like your relationships – mom fits, dad jeans, boyfriend jeans, and the likes. Or things we eat, like carrot jeans, cigarette jeans. My fav is the balloon jeans. Sounds like fun and with all that volume, I can do cartwheels in them. The 80s and 90s have made a timely comeback. Because WFH is far from your low waist skin tight pair from the 2000s. Severely distressed ones have made it to the back of our shelves, leaving the ones with just a slit or two at the forefront. Solid, non-stretch denims have come in washes that give a raw character. The statement is what is less spoken. The future is the past. It’s more classic.

So don’t think your denim days will begin only after the vaccine comes to us. You don’t have to wait till eternity for that at least.

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