Delhi school events: DAVPS celebrates Energy Conservation Day

Energy conservation emphasizes the judicious use of energy to minimise wastage and save sources for the future. DAV Public School, NH-3 NIT, Faridabad, celebrated the World Energy Conservation Day with zeal. With the increase in population, the requirement for energy is also increasing continuously. So small efforts were made by the students of Classes 7 to 9 to reduce the consumption of energy so that energy sources can be saved for future use. As most of the energy sources we use in our daily lives are non-renewable, they cannot be reused and renewed.

The students of Class 7 participated in a banner making activity while the students of Class 8 made a two-minute video on how to conserve energy. The students of Class 9 wrote an article on energy conservation. Students participated in the activities allotted to them with enthusiasm.

They all enjoyed a lot. Principal Jyoti Dahiya appreciated the efforts of the students and gave a message to students that energy should be saved today for sustainable future .

Student’s Voice

‘In-person education better than online learning’

Famous German-born physicist Albert Einstein has rightly said, ‘Once you stop learning, you start dying.’ His words motivate us never to be afraid to learn something. Due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, schools had to be shut down but education could not be brought to a grinding halt. Nowadays, online learning has become more and more popular among the students. From the examinations to celebrations, most of the things are done virtually. The question is — will the online learning continue in the future also?

Despite all the advantages offered by the online education, I must say that in-person teaching is better than online teaching because the children develop a better understanding when they are physically present in school.

For me, online learning is a paradoxical situation just like a coin. A coin has two sides and so has the online learning. Online education, however, as many advantages. It gives me plenty of time to enhance my talent and participate in co-curricular activities like MUNs, debates and different competitions.

Earlier I had to spend so much time in commuting to and from schools or tuitions. Not only this, it also gives me comfort of learning from my own home. The recorded lessons help me a lot to revise during my exams.

Apart from that, online education has intensified my technical skills, for instance, making a good presentation, coding, 3D designing and many more. But it has some disadvantages also. Due to online classes, I have complaints of back ache and headache. During the online classes, there is excessive screen time which is really harmful for the eyes.

In addition, there is a high possibility that students may cheat in online exams. It becomes difficult for the teachers to prevent this. Even though they try their best to alleviate this problem by giving a long list of instructions to follow during the exam, there are hardly any children who actually adhere to it. However, at the same time,

I think that the online classes are definitely going to continue if the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic persists. Change, after all, is the only constant in life and to adapt to change is one’s best survival experience.

(Aadya Sharma, a Class 9 student of Army Public School, Noida)

Time I spent with my family was really good’

From rekindling an old hobby to picking up a new skill, the Covid-19 lockdown period has brought out the unknown artist in many of us.

I never knew that I could make beautiful drawings. At the end of the day, it is a nice feeling to know that you’ve created so many things — – the mandalas, portraits, sketches, sceneries etc. This lockdown helped me take out some time for cooking.

Starting from very simple dishes like poha and tikkis, I made manchurian and yummy deserts too. When I think of those dishes today, my mouth waters. On top of it all, the time I spent with my family was really special.

Over the years, we all had been running in a kind of race and had forgotten about spending time with our family. We were engrossed in our own busy schedules. But lockdown gave us an opportunity to do it now.

I played football in the entire two-month lockdown period, which later became a part of my time table. The races, the cricket matches on my terrace, yoga exercises and dances — all will remain as a memory in my entire life. Later I thought why I couldn’t do all this earlier. But I have an answer as well. I couldn’t take out time for all these things. The lockdown saved our time — time that we would spend in wearing dress, transportation and our family functions.

At the time when we used to get ready for going to school, we could do yoga exercises and meditation. At the time when we used to go for coaching, we could play or do anything of our own interest. The lockdown definitely enhanced our skills.

(Neha Manot, a Class 9 student of St. Mark’s Girls Sr. Sec. School, Meera Bagh)

‘Helped parents and sister with household chores, played games’

During the lockdown period, I used to do study with the help of my family. I wanted to improve my Hindi writing so I started writing at least one page in Hindi to practice my handwriting. In summer, I would play cricket with my neighbours, wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing norms, But now during the winter months I can’t go outside because I get very sweaty while playing and I may catch a cold

I also played ludo game with my mother when she was free. I used to help my parents and my elder sister with the household chores. Sometimes I tried to improve my typing skills on the computer when I was free. I love colouring pictures.

Sometimes I would get hopeless due to the pandemic circumstances. I would always think when this pandemic would come to an end.

My father said that everything would be well soon. I have learnt so much from this lockdown. I learnt that sometimes things don’t go the way we want. It’s just God testing our patience. I know we will pass this test soon.

(Vignesh Rai, a Class 4 student of The Air Force School, Subroto Park)

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