Derpy cat cannot decide whether it wants to bite or lick this doggo during their playfight. Watch

Many may know the feeling of getting angry at someone they genuinely care about. The annoyance may not last for long very often, but that doesn’t make the initial few seconds of fury any less fiery. This video of a cat and doggo’s playfight exemplifies that notion.

Posted on Reddit on July 16, the recording is almost two minutes long. The clip has been shared with a caption reading, “Attack! Attack! Maybe a licky lick”.

The video shows a brown-furred doggo and a tangerine-and-white furred feline sitting atop a bed. The animals appear to be playfighting. The two lightly bite each other, with the kitty even using its claws to dig into the doggo’s coat.

This derpy dance of dominance goes on for a few seconds after which the doggo gives up. The cat takes this moment to attack the canine fully with tiny bites. However, in the middle of the attack, the feline forgoes its aggressive nature in favour of some licks. It licks the pooch clean while continuing to offer it some bites here-and-there in the process.

Check out this derpy interaction, which may remind you of the latest fight you had with someone you care about deeply.

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This post is creating quite a buzz on the subreddit ‘animals being bros’. The video has accumulated nearly 7,500 upvotes and many thoughtful comments.

Here is what Redditors had to say about the duo. One person said, “My cute meter exploded”. Ours did too.

Another individual wrote, “They’re both so precious omg”. “It’s so cute how gentle the dog is,” read one comment on the subreddit.

What are your thoughts on the duo?

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