Keep cough & cold at bay with the all-natural Joshina syrup

“I’m back. Aur is baar hoon pehle se zyada khatarnaak.”

In these times, a cough or a cold could become a cause for major worry. More than the physical discomfort that these symptoms bring, it is the mental stress that is worrisome. Today, even a sneeze in public space is viewed suspiciously.

When the pandemic is surging across the globe and India is severely affected, having Mr Sardi Zukaam come knocking at your door could set the alarm bells ringing.

No wonder then that when one goes through a coughing bout, it is enough to send your friends, colleagues, and even family into a complete tizzy. After all, ‘quarantine’ and ‘ventilator’ are the first thoughts that start racing through our minds when we see or hear someone coughing!

Rising air pollution levels and the start of the influenza season are flaring up respiratory problems and symptoms of cough, cold, sore and itchy throat, and allergies are becoming common. At such times, keeping a bottle of Hamdard’s Joshina in your medicine chest should be an absolute must.

The all-natural formula, made with 12 essential herbs, helps treat the first signs of cough, cold, and itchy throat. The main constituents include mulethi, which helps reduce throat irritation and acts as a demulcent and expectorant; unnab, which helps relieve cough and soothe the respiratory tract; amaltas, which works on the cough and helps relieve symptoms of chest congestion; and tulsi, which is known to build immunity by preventing the onset of cough and cold at a time when the seasons are changing.

What’s even better is that unlike regular cough syrups, Joshina does not contain any alcohol and, therefore, will not make you feel drowsy. That means you can go about your daily chores without any interruption.

The Unani formulation, which comes from the trusted house of Hamdard, comes in a ready-to-use form. You need to mix 10 ml of Joshina with 100 ml of warm water and sip it slowly twice a day – before breakfast and after dinner – to get relief.

So, as the commercial says, “Na tabiyat na dimaag, sardi kuch nahi kar payegi kharaab”. Don’t let the cough take over your mind or body. Order that bottle of Joshina and keep it handy in these tricky times. The formula is available in two sizes – 100 ml and 200 ml.

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