Priyanka’s newborn, pre-term baby is fighting for her life & only your help can save her child

With tubes and IV needles pricked through the fragile skin… her little baby was born several weeks prematurely weighing just 674 grams. Please donate to save a little life.


From an utterly humble family and background, Priyanka like most girls longed to get married and start a family of hers soon. The moment she found out that she was pregnant, she was elated.  Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Her baby was born several weeks prematurely weighing just 674 grams and her world came crashing down… she was shattered.

“I had not imagined that I would have to face this in my wildest dreams”, cries Priyanka. She stands through her excruciating post delivery pain, just to be beside her child’s incubator.


She helplessly watches her baby cry as tubes and IV needles are pricked through the fragile skin. Her newborn’s lungs, liver and kidneys haven’t fully developed owing to the preterm delivery and the child can’t breathe properly.

Priyanka’s baby cries between the mechanical ventilator support as the skin turns yellow and the eyes are always red.


“The poor soul doesn’t even know what is causing her so much pain, she mostly sleeps and cries throughout the time. My one and only prayer is that I am able to take my child home, safe and healthy”, sobs a heartbroken Priyanka.

The little baby needs extensive and intensive care of the Neonatal ICU, which has a stupendous cost of INR 1000000.00 approximately. The family is of limited means, as the father is a labourer at a construction site earning barely Rs 6000 a month.


“I am trying to do everything I can, but I don’t know how we will manage to pay for her treatment. My wife has pawned all her jewellery and I have already taken huge loans with interest”, he breaks down. Priyanka and her family have already exhausted all of their savings on the umpteen number of blood tests, scans and other investigations.


Exhausting all their limited means, the family’s only hope left is to raise some amount through your help.

Help save this little baby’s life, who is fighting on to live, despite all odds.

Donate today, however little you can. There is no amount too small for this family, every bit will truly make a difference. Every bit will be used only to cover the cost of her treatment.



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