‘She wasn’t in her senses’: Madhya Pradesh woman sets her 5-month-old baby on fire

A woman killed her five-month-old baby boy by setting him on fire in Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli district, 780 kilometres east of Bhopal on Saturday, said police.

The police arrested Guddi Singh Gond, 27, a resident of Sukhar village of the district on Sunday.

Chitrangi police station sub-inspector Manoj Singh said, “The accused Guddi Singh is stated to be mentally unstable. She confessed to her crime but didn’t say much. The counsellors are taking care of her.”

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“On Saturday, Shreepal Singh informed the police that her daughter-in-law Guddi set her grandson Sandeep Gond on fire as he was crying a lot in her house. A police team reached the house and recovered the burnt body of the infant wrapped in a piece of cloth. The police sent the body for postmortem,” said Singh

“After the arrest, Guddi said she didn’t know when and how she set her son on fire. She was not in her senses,” said the investigating officer.

The complainant Shreepal Singh said, “Guddi has three daughters and after the birth of her son Sandeep, she started behaving strangely. A sorcerer was treating her.”

Singrauli superintendent of police Virendra Singh Baghel said, “Police are investigating the role of the sorcerer as some family members suspect that the woman killed her son for occult practice.”

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