Spare a few seconds to watch this baby elephant enjoy a mud bath. You won’t regret it

If ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ had to be represented in a video, this one of a baby elephant would be apt for it. This clip, an instant mood uplifter, shows the little elephant enjoying a mud bath like no one’s watching.

The video has been shared by Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve on their Twitter handle. “Baby Elephant enjoying mud bath @Bandhavgarh!” says the caption posted along with the video.

The text goes on to explain that this mud bath has its own benefits for the animals. “Play time apart, it also helps with thermoregulation, providing sunscreen or even soothing insects bites! No doubt why they are one of the most intelligent creatures!”

If looking at videos of baby animals make you happy or relieve you of your stress, this video is a must watch:

Since being shared on May 21, the clip has collected over 800 likes and counting.

“So beautiful,” says a Twitter user. “Kids as always like mud bath,” says another. We can’t help but be reminded of all those detergent ads on TV in which the kids feel bad about dirtying their clothes while playing outside. This elephant has none of those issues and that’s what makes the video so delightful.

What do you think of this adorable video?

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