Story of a Mumbai cab driver’s honesty is tugging at people’s heartstrings

Asif Iqbal Abdul Gaffar Pathan, a Mumbai cab driver, is the Internet’s newest hero whom netizens can’t stop praising. Pathan’s story was shared by Twitter user Papa Sierra, who, through a series of tweets narrated his experience involving Pathan and a missing wallet.

In his first tweet, addressed to the cab company Pathan works for, Sierra wrote that he needs to report an incident that he faced with one of their drivers.

In the following tweets, Sierra wrote that he, along with his wife, boarded Pathan’s cab from his residence to visit a pub to celebrate his birthday. He explained how they ended up chatting about Mumbai’s first rain after he overheard Pathan telling his wife – over a call – to not let his kids out while it’s pouring. Eventually, Sierra reached his destination and thanked the driver for his service. Almost an hour after getting down from the cab Sierra realised that his wallet was missing.

A “freaked out” Sierra decided to call Pathan. The driver, in turn, assured him that the wallet was with him and that he would return it on his way home. A little after midnight, Pathan came back to return the wallet.

If you think this is where the story ends, then you are in for a surprise. In further tweets, Sierra explained that after handing him the wallet and wishing him happy birthday, Pathan revealed that it’s his birthday too. Pathan also told him that his family was waiting for him to return home to celebrate the occasion.

Not just the story, Sierra also tweeted an image of Pathan captioned – “good Samaritan”.

He finally concluded the thread with a tweet that reads, “We always come to this platform with our grievances with brands. Let’s spread some of the positive experiences as well. So that in some ways it gets paid forward. Peace!”

Netizens were touched by Pathan’s honesty and showered heaps of praise on the thread. A few also asked the cab service provider to reward the driver for his honesty. Here’s how the overwhelmed tweeple reacted:

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First Published:
Jun 14, 2019 14:12 IST

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