This talkative cat named Mikita will win your heart one meow at a time

Pets may not speak the same language as their hoomans but trust them to find their own neat way to communicate. A perfect example of this may be gorgeous feline Mikita who appears to love talking with his cat mom. A video ‘meowntage’ shows several moments of Mikita responding to his cat mom and answering her questions. But we’ll request you to beware, Mikita’s cuteness will melt your heart into a puddle, one meow at a time.

Shared on the @chicagoblackcat Instagram account, this video is a collection of several moments in which Mikita spoke to his cat mom. And boy, does he sound talkative.

From speaking to Mikita about being hungry and if he wants food to asking him, “How’s my big scary panther?” Mikita always seems to have a ‘meowtastic’ reply ready. Take a look:

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Volume ⬆️ Flashback Friday Meowntage! Some of my favorite conversations with Cat Mom. Most of them revolve around food. 😹 What do you take about with your cats? • • • #catvideo #meow #meowntage #meowing #catmom #catlady #catmeow #booper #chicagocat #talkingcat #cattalk #montage #cute #cutecatvideo #cutevideo #catchat #kawaii #kitty #gatonegro #chicagoblackcat #blackcat #chicagoblackcat

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Within 12 hours of being shared, Mikita’s video has collected over 10,000 likes and several comments.

“Awwww Mikita I love you, you’re so cute. Your big panther roar scary me, though,” posted an individual. “Ahhh my heart,” shared another, and that’s a perfect representation of how one feels after watching this video. “Those little teefies,” wrote a third. “I watched this video like eight times like I don’t have my own little Panther at home,” added a fourth.

Mikita sure won our heart. What about yours?

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