Video of 10 grapes sliced together using a super sharp knife makes for an amazing watch

Many of us are guilty of spending hours watching those random videos which are oddly satisfying. From ice swirling in a cup of coffee to machine cutting a stack on coloured paper, the options are varied. Also, most of us have our own go-to type on social media that we can watch for hours. That’s probably why so many are drawn to this video of an individual using a knife to cut 10 grapes together.

“10 grapes being cut with a Kochi 270mm gyuto. Sharpened by me,’ reads the caption of the video shared on Reddit. Nearly one minute long, the video is a treat to watch. Check out yourself:

Isn’t that mesmerising? Well, if you noded in agreement, then you’re not the only one. Many commented on how much they loved the clip. A few reacted to the sharpness of the knife. Expectedly, some took the hilarious route while commenting.

“That might be too sharp. Like cutting the fabric of time and space sharp,” joked a Redditor. To which another replied, “That’s ridiculous, someone said the same thing when this is posted a week from now and nothing happ… ohhhhhh.”

“That looks mighty sharp,” commented another. “This video is satisfying,” expressed a third.

Another individual wrote, “I’m not sure why, but this made me feel so good.”

What do you think of the video?

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