Hina Khan adds ‘daddy’s strong girl’ to social media bio, tells netizen why she asked everyone to pray for ‘Dad and his family’

Hina Khan who is under home quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19 has been responding to condolence messages from her colleagues and friends in the Hindi TV industry.

Hina Khan has changed her Instagram and Twitter bio to add ‘daddy’s strong girl’. Her father, Aslam Khan, died of cardiac arrest last week. After his death, Hina had taken a break from social media. However the actress has recently started responding to condolences sent to her by her colleagues and friends from the Hindi TV industry on social media.

In one such instance, when Hina responded to Rubina Dilaik’s condolence message, she wrote, “Thank you Ruby… Plz keep my Dad and his family in your prayers.”

This message from Hina made one Twitter user curious as they asked her, “I’m sorry for out of topic comment. Just wanted to know, why is it twitted as dad and ‘his’ family.. Y not my family.”

To this Hina responded with an an explanation. She wrote back saying that she said ‘his family’ because, “this is how he used to introduce us ever since we were born.. He loved the fact that we are his family, his children, his wife, Aslam Khans family. We are his flesh and blood, This house is his house, he is everywhere.”

Hina was in Kashmir working on a project when her father passed away, she quickly returned to Mumbai when she heard about her father’s demise, but in a couple of days she tested positive for Covid-19 and has been under home quarantine.

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