Kiara, Vicky On Life After Marriage

Kiara Advani and Vicky Kaushal got candid about their personal and professional lives on Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan.

Mohnish Singh brings to you the highlights.

The Great Proposal in Rome

Kiara revealed that Sidharth Malhotra said the lines from their 2021 film Shershaah to propose to her in Rome.

She said she had joined the actor and his family on a trip to Rome and had an intuition that he would propose to her.

Kiara said, ‘It was the first destination we went to on that trip. He took us to this Michelin star restaurant and his nephew was with us who was supposed to take the photos and capture the moment.’

The actress said she was sleepy because she had just landed.

‘He has planned the works. He has done this candlelight dinner. We go back after dinner. He takes me up for a walk and suddenly a violinist comes out of the bushes playing and his nephew is taking our video from the bushes and Sid goes on one knee and proposes,’ Kiara shares.

The actress said she was overwhelmed.

‘I was not expecting this that night, so I was so overwhelmed. Then he starts saying the lines of Shershaah. He’s like, ‘Dilli ka sidha sadha launda hoon‘ with the full dialogues of Shershaah and I burst out laughing.’

‘It was really sweet. The best part was that his family was there, so we got to celebrate with his parents, brother and sister. We face-timed Karan and my parents.’


The Last-Minute Proposal

Sharing how he proposed to Katrina Kaif, Vicky revealed that he managed to propose her by going down on his knee a night before their wedding.

‘It was very last minute. I had been warned by everybody that if you don’t propose, it’s something you’ll have to be prepared for, for the rest of your life, that you got to hear about it. I did that one day before the wedding. It was dinner just before any of the friends and families could come,’ the actor says.

Vicky met Katrina’s mother and siblings for the first time just a week before the wedding when they flew down to Mumbai.


Life After Marriage

Karan asked Vicky and Kiara to share a challenge and a beautiful thing about marrying actors.

Speaking for himself, the Sam Bahadur actor said he would not call it a challenge but a new thing.

Earlier, he said it was only him managing his schedule according to his preference but that has gone out of the window now.

‘Now, we are only thinking like “Okay, how is your day looking like so I’ll plan my day” or vice versa so we can make time,’ Vicky says.

‘When you have your work schedule and she has hers, it hits you up after 10-15 days that we haven’t gotten time for each other. We couldn’t meet. It has become that you need to sit together and plan things out. That’s the new thing.’

Talking about the beautiful thing of being in the same profession, Vicky says, ‘You understand that it’s not a 9-5 job, it’s not like you have a Saturday-Sunday off. One of the reasons why the proposal was so last minute was because at that time, she was neck deep into Tiger shoot, there was a song coming and when there’s a song coming, she is a beast. So we couldn’t plan things.’

The Blame Game

Telling Vicky that Kiara and Sidharth’s wedding was the best, Karan says, ‘It was so intimate a wedding; they were so filmi when they met. I didn’t know any of this was planned.’

Kiara was apparently ‘very late’ for her wedding, and she defended herself, ‘It was the earliest baraat!’

Karan claimed the baraat had reached the end of its tether.

‘Finally, we were like ‘Kahan hai yaar? Bulao ussey (Where is she? Call her).’ So she was late. By the end of it you were really being bitched about,’ Karan says with a laugh.

Sharing her side of the story, Kiara explains, ‘I was getting ready and we had some issues and I wanted to get some pictures with the bridesmaids. I don’t have any pictures. They have put up a photo on Instagram with all of them saying, ‘We swear there was a bride’ because we didn’t get a picture. I was late.’

What do You Want From Me?

During a segment called the shot game, when KJo asked Vicky if he has cracked the code on how to get his partner to do what he wants, the actor replied, ‘See, Katrina is the perfect candidate for reverse psychology. If I want her to agree to what I want, I have to wholeheartedly, with abundance, agree to what she wants.

‘And then, she turns around and she’s like ‘But I see the point in what you’re saying’ and then she comes around,’ he says, adding with regret that he just realised that his wife now knows about this trick.

Breaking the Ice with In-laws

During the same segment, Karan asked Kiara and Vicky how they broke the ice with their respective in-laws.

Responding to it, Vicky shared that it was fun because he could not meet them for two years because of COVID-19.

‘So I met them the week before marriage. We had a party at my place and we were all drinking and dancing. Two hours into meeting each other, we were dancing on the floor. They have seen me dancing on Tip Tip Barsa Pani in the first meeting. The ice was broken, melted, and gone,’ he laughs.

Kind Words by King Khan

When Karan told Vicky that Shah Rukh Khan highly praised his work in Dunki and called him ‘exceptional’, the actor was over the moon.

Vicky also heaped praise on his co-star and said that while working with Khan, he got to know why he is called ‘Badshah’.

‘He was on it like it was his first film,’ he says.

‘I met him and realised how little I am doing at this age. He just gives his 100 percent in everything. He is just something else,’ the actor adds.

Calling his experience of working with Shah Rukh ‘magical and surreal,’ Vicky shared that Khan knows everybody’s lines.

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