Nani Bought His Next Film’s Story For 50 Lakhs?

Once upon a time, there used to be Vakkantam Vamsi who has charged a whopping 1 crore remuneration to give his story to director Surender Reddy for movies like Kick. And then, this scenario didn’t last long as the likes of Suri-Vamsi, Kona Venkat – Sreenu Vaitla have headed for a breakup.

But then, there came these new-age writers who just want to sell their stories. Firstly David Nathan (originally R Raghu who directs TV serials) sold his story to Indraganti Mohankrishna and that came out as Nani’s Gentleman. We hear that he charged a bomb to give the story at that time. And now comes Nani buying another story for a bomb, again.

A senior manager working with an audio company in Hyderabad is said to have written the story of Nani’s upcoming film Shyam Singha Roy and sold it to the hero for 50 lakhs. As story is the key for a film, heroes are making sure that they buy the rights when they like it. And later they are finding directors to handle the project.

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