Super30 Trailer : Hrithik Roshan Stuns As Maths Teacher

“Super30” is the upcoming film of ‘Queen’ fame director Vikas Bahl and it features Hrithik Roshan in the leading role of a maths teacher. The film is the real story of mathematician Anand Kumar who runs a coaching centre in Patna where he trains students for entrance into India’s elite IITs.

Hrithik Roshan has just nailed it with his deglam look as Mathematician Anand Kumar. After failing to join Cambridge University owing to his father’s death and poverty, this proven mathematician starts coaching students for the IIT-JEE entrance test. While some businessman wants to make most of Anand by making his coaching centre quite popular, thereby charging a huge fee, Anand has other plans. He wants to coach economically poor but intelligent students and send them to IITs. The trailer is terrific in all aspects when it comes to screenplay, visuals, emotions and overall feel.

We have to say that Vikas Bahl, who was recently cleared off sexual misconduct allegations, has simply rocked the show. His portrayal of rugged Patna and Ananda Kumar is winning accolades with the trailer itself. Looks like Hrithik had another winner on hand as “Super 30” releases on July 12th.

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