There's a Wild 'Game of Thrones' Fan Theory That Grey Worm Actually Died in the Last Episode

Relatively speaking, the Game of Thrones finale was pretty tame in terms of character deaths, but fans of the books think they actually killed off one more major person…they just didn’t show it.

Spoilers ahead! If by some miracle you haven’t watched or had the finale spoiled for you, get out of the post and run, don’t walk, to HBO to watch it. Seriously.

Okay, here’s the deal. In the finale, we see Grey Worm, after being sufficiently pissed that Jon Snow killed Dany, get on a boat and head for Naath with the Unsullied. Essentially, he’s returning to Missandei’s home because that was what she wanted to do before her very unfortunate death. That’s what they were going to do together.

In case you somehow forgot, here’s what he said to her before the Battle for Winterfell. “I am loyal to my queen. I will fight for her until her enemies are defeated, but when the war is over and she has won, do you want to grow old in this place? Is there nothing else you want to do, nothing else you want to see?” And she said that she wanted to see the beaches in her homeland again.

At the time when he sailed away for said beaches, you were probably like, “Aww, that’s very poetic and sweet.” You were, apparently, wrong.

A companion book to George R.R. Martin’s novels (yeah, a companion book) explains there’s a reason no one’s ever been able to conquer Naath. “Strangers…do not live long upon the Isle of Butterflies” because they catch a nasty fever when they get there. It includes: painful spasms, manic dancing, sweating blood, and skin peeling away from the bone. Yikes.

So that’s what’s waiting for Grey Worm when he gets to his new home, and many think that means he inevitably died. Sad. 😔

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