Your OTT Planner For Diwali Hols

Sukanya Verma gives you options from all the action promised on OTT this week.

The Buccaneers
Where to watch? Apple TV+
Language: English

Set in 1870s London society, The Buccaneers looks at the culture clash that transpires when a bunch of free spirited American girls arrive amidst prim and proper English women in the eight-episodes period drama inspired by Edith Wharton’s unfinished novel.

The Killer
Where to watch? Netflix
Language: English

Michael Fassbender slips into cold-blooded assassin mode for David Fincher’s slick adaptation of a French comic.

Where to watch? ZEE5
Language: Hindi

A cricket coach with an alcohol problem and a bowler who has nlost her arm in a freak accident are determined to succeed in Abhishek Bachchan-Saiyami Kher’s triumph-of-spirit sports drama.

Where to watch? Disney+Hotstar
Language: Korean (with subtitles)

Earnest police academy student by day, unsparing vigilante by night, a sinister new K-Drama starring the sweet-faced Nam Joo-hyuk in a fierce avatar.

Where to watch? Amazon Prime Video
Language: Hindi

A young soldier and his siblings join India’s 1971 War against West Pakistan’s atrocities on East Pakistan, paving the way for the birth of Bangladesh.

Rainbow Rishta
Where to watch? Amazon Prime Video
Language? Hindi, English

Queer love finds expression in the docu-series chronicling personal stories and struggles across India in Jaydeep Sarkar’s ‘heartwarming’ endeavour.

The Winter King
Where to watch? SonyLIV
Language: English

Bernard Cornwell’s The Warlord Chronicles forms the inspiration for this middle ages costume drama, retelling Arthurian legends in a multi-part, action-packed spectacle.

Fukrey 3
Where to watch? Rent on Amazon Prime Video
Language? Hindi

Brace yourself for tons of toilet humour and puerile politics in the third film of the Fukrey franchise reuniting the goofy best friends and their constant nemesis: Bholi Punjaban.

Where to watch? ZEE5
Language? Marathi (with subtitles)

A young boy grows an imagination, falls in love, comes of age between the late 1980s and early 1990s against India’s changing mood and history in Paresh Mokashi’s compelling commentary on dreams and discrimination.

Pulikkuthi Pandi
Where to watch? Amazon Prime Video
Language? Tamil (with subtitles)

Justice seeking against a dominating threat and wooing the woman of his dreams, all in a day’s work for Vikram Babu in and as Pulikkuthi Pandi.

Hack Crimes Online
Where to watch? Amazon miniTV
Language? Hindi

Hack Crimes Online dives into the murky world of cyber criminals and the law enforcers hotly pursuing their trail.

Where to watch? Disney+Hotstar
Language? Malayalam (with subtitles)

The love story between a golden retriever and cocker spaniel rebelling against their disapproving masters forms the focus of this doggie-themed adventure.

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