Florida Man Loses Leg To Alligator – They Found It Later With His Foot Still In Its Mouth!!

It’s like something out of a horror movie…

It was just another easygoing Friday last week at the Great Outdoors RV and Golf Resort in Titusville when the peaceful Florida coast suddenly turned into a horror show. According to multiple local outlets, an alligator attacked a 72-year-old man, severing his leg just below the knee. The deadly reptile quickly disappeared into the water with the man’s limb. The poor victim was quickly airlifted to the Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne while the residents of the area were left shaken over the whole ordeal.

Brevard County Fire Rescue reported the man’s leg was pulled off during the attack, which was reported to police around 2 p.m. The episode of Man vs Gator was not quite over, yet, though — later in the day the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission — along with Brevard County Sheriff’s Office — found something harrowing.

According to WESH 2 News, officers noticed an alligator in the water — and were shocked to see a human foot sticking out of its mouth!

The FWC takes these kinds of attacks very seriously. They say a Floridian’s chances of being seriously injured in an unprovoked attack are about one in 3.1 million — but when it does happen they try and put down the predator before it happens again. The commission was able to trap and kill two alligators at the scene, but it hasn’t been confirmed if these alligators had anything to do with the attack or not. An alligator trapper was also at the scene assisting law enforcement in their trapping. Meanwhile, a separate FWC officer found the man’s leg and foot in the water later that afternoon!

It’s so scary to think the alligator that attacked him could still be out there — and on top of that, these gators may have been passing around his leg to each other! They all could have a taste for human now…

Ron Peoples, who lives in the RV park, spoke to the news source and said gators were known to chill around the residential area:

“Basically there’s an area where the gators lay on the bank, kind of readily. It’s only about 15 feet between the house and the water … Right now it’s mating season and they’re hungry. It’s a pretty volatile combination when you put them together. We find them in people’s garages and under their cars because they’re moving from lake to lake … They live here like we do, we just have to be careful.”

As far as the victim’s condition, there’s been no new info released, but resident and former paramedic Sharon Maloney told the outlet:

“I heard he did have a tourniquet applied, so that’s a good thing. I heard that he was alert when he went to the hospital.”

Such a scary situation! Again, no need for alarm. Alligator attacks are statistically very rare, even in Florida, with only 442 being recorded from 1948 to 2021. But they do happen! It’s important to always treat all potentially dangerous animals with respect and keep your distance when you can.

We’re wishing the victim a very speedy recovery. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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