Death threats to Anushka Shetty brother Gunaranjan Shetty

Anushka Shetty is a popular name in South Indian film Industry and she is best known for playing the female lead in Arundhati, Size Zero, Nishbadham and Baahubali series. Now according to the latest report, Anushka Shetty’ brother Gunaranjan Shetty is getting death threats.

According to the latest report, a petition has been submitted to the Karnataka Home Minister to provide security and legal action in connection with death threats to Anushka Shetty’ brother Gunaranjan Shetty. The reports are coming that  the death threats are issued by friends-turned-foes Manvit Rai and Rakesh Malli.

On Sunday, the members of Jayakarnataka Janapara Vedike which is run by Gunaranjan Shetty submitted a petition to Home Minister Araga Jnanendra, seeking protection and legal action. They have alleged that the death threats were issued by Manvit Rai and Rakesh Malli. They have demanded the HM Araga Jnanendra to arrest the accused persons

They alleged that Manvit Rai and Rakesh Malli were planning to kill Anushka shetty’ brother.

Manvit Rai, Rakesh Malli  and Gunaranjan Shetty, worked for reformed don Muttappa Rai, after whose death, they separated. Gunaranjan Shetty had identified with the close circles of late don Muttappa Rai.

The police said that Rakesh Malli had been questioned by the police in this regard.  On the otherside, Manvit Rai said that currently he was abroad and he refuted the claims of issuing the read threads.

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