Jayadev Walks Off, Result Turns His Way

Guntur sitting MP Jayadev Galla has retained his position but before a tense and high drama episode was witnessed at Acharya NG Ranga University where the counting process was held. In the initial trend all over Andhra Pradesh, YSR Congress party dominated each and every assembly segment and Lok Sabha. Guntur district had also similar vibes. Thought he is lagging behind, MP Jayadev walked off the counting centre.

However, the Lok Sabha results of Vijayawada, Guntur and Srikakulam got delayed. YSRCP candidate Venugopal Reddy had an altercation with officials to count the postal ballot votes. But the officials completed the counting in the morning, did not accept YSRCP’s demand. Getting to know about this Jayadev returned to the counting centre and when YSRCP is the verge of convincing recounting of postal ballot votes, Jayadev questioned the officials. For sometime, there was a tense atmosphere. Having noticed situation running out of hands, the central observer of the counting process negotiated with TDP and YSRCP supporters.

The Election Observer warned the counting officials not to recount the postal ballot votes as the counting was video captured and the returning officer sealed the details of it. Despite the YSRCP demanded for counting of postal ballots and with no other option the Election Observed few of them. As they were in favour of TDP, YSRCP camp had to calm down.

This entire episode had delayed the result of Guntur Lok Sabha by five hours and on Friday morning, Jayadev Galla was declared as the winner.

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