Mistrust evident among BJP-JJP after Baroda bypoll loss, says Congress MP

Coalition government in Haryana is shaky, claims Deepender Hooda

Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Deepender Hooda on Wednesday claimed that after the Congress’s win in the recently held Baroda Assembly byelection, cracks have emerged among the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party-Jannayak Janta Party and the coalition government in Haryana is all set to fall under the weight of its mistrust any time soon.

“The Chief Minister had publicly stated that the BJP did not get JJP’s vote. In such a situation, the JJP should clarify if it accepts or rejects this statement of the Chief Minister. It is clear to everyone that the Baroda results have created a crisis of confidence among coalition partners,” said Mr. Hooda said at a press conference.

Dismissing claims that the vote share of BJP-JJP had gone up from the previous Assembly elections, Mr. Hooda said the truth was that the Congress got around 40,000 votes in the Assembly elections and 60,000 votes in the byelection. “Within one year, BJP-JJP lost 20,000 votes and Congress has increased is support base by 20,000 votes. If this result is applied to the remaining Assembly seats, then the Congress will have a clear majority,” he said.

Mr. Hooda said the State government had recently passed the ‘Right to Recall’ law for Panchayat ‘sarpanches’, but it should instead first apply this law to its MLAs and they should resign and get re-elected. “The people of Baroda have used their right to recall against the government. The public has passed a motion of no confidence against the government and we will go to different parts of the State with this message,” he said.

Mr. Hooda said the roadmap for the upcoming fight against the government will be announced by the leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda on December 13. “Our struggle will continue till the complete collapse of this government. The sooner the BJP-JJP government is out of power, the better it will be for the State and the sooner Haryana would be on the road to progress,” he added.

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