Pawan Kalyan, the 2nd highest paid actor in Tollywood

Telugu Film Industry has been attaining proper status in the society and prospering further with its never-ending services. It has emerged as the largest film industry in India regarding box office results.

Telugu Films have been acquiring big at the box office. For the unversed, Tollywood star heroes are also demanding the makers for towering remunerations. Firstly, one among them is Prabhas. He is earning a whopping amount of Rs 100 crore per project.

Also, Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun have charged for an amount of Rs 40-50 crores respectively. And now, Power Star Pawan Kalyan has transcended these two heroes and will soon become an heir for Rs 60 crores with his upcoming movie, which is a remake of Vinodaya Sitham. Taking sixty crores to home, Pawan Kalyan became the second highest paid actor in the Telugu Film Industry.

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