Poultry from Kerala banned in the Nilgiris

The Department of Animal Husbandry in the Nilgiris has posted teams at all eight checkpoints along the border to turn away vehicles carrying poultry from Kerala.

This is part of the measures enforced since Thursday to check the spread of bird flu.

Speaking to The Hindu, Joint Director of Animal Husbandry Bagavath Singh said bird flu cases were reported in parts of Kerala. “To ensure that the virus does not spread to poultry in Tamil Nadu, all poultry items from Kerala are stopped at the checkpoints and turned back,” he said.

Vehicles disinfected

A team has been posted at the Kakkanallah checkpoint bordering Karanataka to ensure that poultry from Kerala do not enter the district through Karnataka.

All vehicles entering the district are sprayed with disinfectant. The precautions will be in force until the threat of the viral infection recedes, officials said.

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