Maharshi Overseas Collections: Whats Up?

Some top box office trackers of Telugu industry are right now having no updates over ‘Maharshi’ USA collections, which is quite surprising, but people close to the movie team are claiming that it touched 2 Million Club already and will do more magic soon.

For the record, Maharshi is said to have made nearly $1.7+ millions ‘gross’ from USA box office till last Sunday (11 days). And then, the question is, how much should the film collect to give a break even for the distributors? Actually, the film got reportedly sold for 14 crores in the USA territory and the film should make 4 million to give a breakeven.

In the USA, nearly half of the amount from the gross actually goes to theatre rents and taxes. That means if Maharshi collected 2 Million so far, 14 crores in Indian currency, the distributor will take home 7 crores. So the film has to collect 2 more millions to give them their 14 crores back. Somewhere around 3.8 to 4 Million Gross is that expected of Maharshi in the minimum requirement we have to say.

Mahesh’s previous blockbuster Bharat Ane Nenu collected $3.4+ million gross in the USA, which is the actor’s all time best USA collection, thereby giving 22.5 crores gross and 12.4 crores ‘share’ to the distributors. Surprisingly overseas distributors lost a big chunk even then, as the film got sold for 16-18 crores back then in the USA. Let’s see what Maharshi will do.

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