Pahlaj Nihalani says he was hospitalised for 28 days due to food-poisoning: ‘Shatrughan Sinha visited me in the hospital’

Former Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani had to spent 28 days in the hospital after he complained of uneasiness and vomited blood one night.

Former Chairman of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and film producer Pahlaj Nihalani was reportedly admitted to Mumbai’s Nanavati hospital for the last 28 days and was discharged on Saturday as per The Times of India.

The whole affair was kept private, Nihalani told the publication that only veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha visited him to ask him about his well-being. “Shatru visited me in the hospital recently,” Nihalani said, “We had largely kept it private.”

Nihalani also revealed how his ordeal began. He said, “Suddenly, one night at about 3 am, I felt a bit uneasy and vomited a lot of blood. I was advised hospitalisation. It was a case of chronic food-poisoning but it was an emergency- and initially, I was kept in the ICU for about 5-6 days.”

He added, “I thought I’d go home in 2/3 days after I was out from the ICU. But my temperature did not go down for the longest time, I was getting fever and a very bad stomach-ache essentially in the evening, the diagnosis kept extending, and that became a matter of concern.”

Nihalani served as the CBFC boss from 2015 to 2017. His tenure became controversial for what many said were impulsive and indiscriminate cuts and shortenings of intimate and violent scenes from the films. The shortening of the kissing scenes in James Bond movie Spectre especially earned him ire and ridicule on social media.

He placed several restrictions on Shahid Kapoor starrer Udta Punjab, a film on the drug abuse among Punjabi youngsters. He had reportedly suggested 89 cuts to the makers. CBFC lost a Bombay High Court case and the film was allowed to be released with just a single cut.

In 2017, the union government replaced Nihalani with lyricist Prasoon Joshi as CBFC chief.

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