Step Inside Mouni Roy’s Home

After a sometimes exhausting day at work, Mouni Roy loves to return to the beautiful home that she has made with husband Suraj Nambiar.

In the sixth season of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is, the Brahmastra actor invites us home, and gives us a tour.

Before they got married in January 2022, Suraj was looking to buy a house. As soon as the couple saw this one, they knew they found their home.


Mouni likes neutral colours, and settled on shades of white and blue for her living space. The blue walls also have specks of gold, which is seen in other parts of the house too, like the showcase and the wall art.


She uses a lot of mirrors to reflect the light and amplify the space.

The couch is where she loves to lounge, and read books or watch television.


Mouni confesses that she hated cooking earlier, and discovered it only during the pandemic.

Now, she loves to whip up a meal for the two of them.


One of the highlights of Mouni’s home is her beautiful outdoor seating area.

There is also a basketball hoop in this space, for Suraj to throw a ball once in a while and de-stress after work.


Mouni and Suraj love sitting outdoors, especially in the winter, to enjoy the fresh greenery in the middle of the concrete jungle of Mumbai.

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