Man drives away in government vehicle

As he could not find an ambulance to drop him home

In the absence of an ambulance to drop him home, a person after undergoing treatment at the District Headquarters Hospital here drove away in a government vehicle only to be intercepted by the police later.

Govindaraj (44) of Railway Colony is working as a government bus driver. On Monday, he fell down accidentally and injured his leg. He came to the hospital and was treated as an outpatient. Later, he searched for an ambulance to drop him home. However, workers said that an ambulance was not available and asked him to book a taxi. But he told them that due to lockdown, taxi service was not available. The workers asked him to seek the help of family members or relatives for transportation.

Angered over it, he took away a government vehicle parked outside the emergency wing. On seeing it, the workers alerted the GH police. The police chased and intercepted the four-wheeler on Surampatti Four Road. He was taken to the station. Since, the doctor did not prefer a complaint, Govindaraj was let off with a warning.

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